How to tell the difference between a persuasive argument and manipulation

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How to tell the difference between a persuasive argument and a manipulation and protect yourself from being controlled. Whether it’s a negotiation over your next big purchase, or your friend trying to convince you to take a particular path, one of these techniques are being applied. By its very nature a debate, argument or negotiation is similar in one respect, all of these require a decision that is in question. The single most prominent issue is someone wants you to behave in a particular manner, which definitely benefits them, and may also benefit you, and you are undecided. When a tough decision faces us as humans, regardless of our sex, education or socio economic status, we try to use as much logic as our emotions allow. Yes, you read that correctly, all decisions are emotional. We may disguise our choices with a logical argument, or even the fuzziest of logics, but in the end it is an emotional trigger that makes the decision. So lets dissect the two methods of persuasion. First let’s look at the manipulation. You probably had an emotional reaction to the very word, and you should. No one likes to be “played”, and that’s what a manipulation is. The manipulator rarely offers a logical argument for their position. The manipulator will concentrate on the emotional aspect of the decision making process. They will tell you how great you will feel if you agree, or how much more popular, or affluent you will be. These are powerful emotions and let’s face it we all want those things. But is it the best decision? It is for them, because the manipulator wants something from you that will absolutely benefit them, and may or may not benefit you. That’s why most people have the emotional response to the word manipulation. It often leads to being taken advantage of. On the other hand, a persuasive argument will contain elements of both the emotional desires and logical reason for your decision. Let the game begin. Your job is to decide if they are giving you reasons to act that benefit you both, or mainly them. If your opponent have not given you enough logical and reasonable points to make a solid decision, you are being manipulated, not persuaded. A persuasive argument will leave little doubt as to the direction of your decision. The power of persuasion is that it not only satisfies the logical center of your brain but is strengthened by the positive emotional response as well. Since both of these areas must be addressed for a positive experience, the manipulative argument will make less sense somehow. Don’t worry you don’t have to figure out what is wrong, you’ll just know it’s not a good thing. Protect yourself from the manipulator by looking for both sides of the argument. If you have reached the end of this story then you have experienced the power of persuasion. Remember the first sentence. the logic was for you to learn something, the emotional trigger was for you to protect yourself. And you read the whole thing. Works, and hopefully we both gained something from the experience.


The Fantasy of Persuasion

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One day I was looking out the window and saw my potential to call out to the Universe in a dream state. So I went to my Dream machine that make dreams come true from my other existence! On my other planet where I live occasionally , all you would have to do is persuade the Master Genie of the Universe, to give you anything you wanted or hoped for. It was a free wishing magical universal machine. All you had to do was say the Magic Words, “With the power of persuasion, I whimsically can wish anything I want 1-2-3” Then raise your voice to the rooftops and state your wish, your dreams and wants, and Puff! They are there!! Your wish is the Vibrations, Persuading Genie’s command of the Universe to make it happen!! (Of course my first wish as they are unlimited wishes, and can be undone at anytime) was to become immortal! Which I am naturally, but wanted to make this world Planet Earth, understand this. I of course decided to get my friends and family anything thing they hoped, or could wish for, with of course, all the health. wealth , & happiness any human of this earth could have. I Wished and persuaded the Genie, to make peace on earth, that everyone would get along so there would be no more death from wars, and no such thing as hate anymore. I Wished that all away.
Everyone could walk the earth where ever they wanted to, everyone lived in peace with each other. No one better than anyone else. Competition was for fun, and to challenge yourself, not to be used so the underdog looses out all the time. I wished for the weak to become strong, Mentally healthy, and have beautiful confident self esteem about them.. That they could hold their head high for the first time, almost a new freedom that had been so well deserved. I also asked the Genie to persuade the universe to bend time and space so there was none, just happiness, fun excitement, and no such thing as boredom. Live, healthy and anything you eat equals healthy. Even Ice Cream and Potato Chips!!… There is nothing you could ever eat on planet earth that is not healthy, and no weight gain. Eat anything and maintain your normal weight. Persuading the universe that we do not need any more Money!! No one needs it. People are excited to go out to work and do what needs to be done to live off of the planet. What you give to it comes back to you full circle. Life is plentiful, nothing but fun , laughter and true happiness, everything stays pristine, and clean. Your mind is heightened, there is no such thing as worry anymore. People are out to help you, not hurt you… Live, love, grow, and flourish are the common words around town, along with Laughter, joy, and some good ole dam fun! Your mind has instant motivation, your senses are heightened, you feel more alert, alive smart, vibrant… rejuvenated, and always persuaded by your own mind to do the right thing as always, and this is one portion of true happiness. Everyone persuades their own happiness.



Persuasion is a very important key in getting what you want

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Persuasion is a very important key in getting what you want fairly.
This is a very tricky subject as persuasion is an important factor in life that people can get what they want by persuading someone fairly or unfairly. It kind of at times can be a selfish act, or it can be a win win situation if both parties can come to terms.
It all depends on the person who is doing the persuading. Living with persuasion can be often fun, and a winning feeling if you are a person of light. With some people it can be a game. Often this subject is someone’s lively hood, in the Sales Workforce. Some sales people put on a bit of an act just to get the person just to buy something that they don’t need. You really have to have your own instincts of the power of persuasion, and where it can take you. And.. where you can land if made the wrong choice.
The persuader is very much needed for our planet. Without them there would be no push in getting some of these people moving to a better spot, a better car, a better job, a better life. Even a better vacation if you talk to the right person. The persuader needs a lot of knowledge to know what they are talking about so another individual can see if this is a good or a bad thing for them. If this is something they would like to do or this is not a direction they would like to be heading in. Ultimately it is your decision and you need to be in control of your own choices. Some people are there to help and can help you and persuade you to make good choice along the way. Persuading is not just about sales, but it is an outlook of the people who you choose to be around. Hopefully they are people you trust and are there to steer you in the right directions when sometimes you have exhausted all your choices.
When buying something that you are not sure about, make sure you bring a friend with you on a sale. This way you won’t feel pressured and the other person can think of things that you may not because you are needing to buy something quickly, and the sales person maybe wanting to look out for their best interest instead of yours. A lot of them don’t really care what you end up with as long as they make their car sale for the end of the month quotas. That is where power of persuasion can come in and can become damaging to you later if you felt pressure in their power of persuasion. You really sometimes need to walk away, think or call it a day if someone is rushing you in making a decision. If the time and purchase is right, it will be there for you.

Persuading people can come into your life, and give you a bad choice, or a good choice.. Instincts are key think about it first, and make the choice that is best for you.


The power to persuade people to my way of thinking…..

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Like many people I was captivated by the idea of being able to persuade people to my way of thinking with ease. At least that is what the infomercial promised. I couldn’t wait to call and reserve my “invitation only seat” at the seminar with the world’s leader in the Power of Persuasion. I had never heard of him, but he was the world’s leading authority, and what did I know anyway. So without hesitation I called the operator, who was standing by, and gave her all of my information, the $69.99 fee for the seminar seemed a small price to pay to become more influential, and if I learned the lesson well, maybe I could persuade them to give it back! Done, I’m registered. I have to try to contain my excitement until Friday night, only a few days away. Thinking to myself, this is going to be awesome, I will be able to persuade people to agree with my views, invest in my ideas, I will learn to negotiate like a pro, get that promotion, and of course win the heart of my desire. This seminar will change my life, I will be able to use the power of persuasion to gain everything I ever dreamed of! Finally the day arrives. I dug out my best suit, a crisp white shirt and of course a power tie. I had gotten the car washed, my shoes were freshly polished, I looked like I could be running for office. In a few hours, I would be a force to be reckoned with. I arrived at the hotel early, found the conference room and waited in the lobby outside. The hallway was buzzing with activity, the air crackled with excitement, we were all going to hear the secret of the power of persuasion from the world’s leading expert. I quivered a bit due to the rush of adrenaline when the doors opened to admit the now swelling crowd. I followed the crowd in, and was ushered to a seat not quite halfway up. Not a great seat but I suppose it didn’t really matter after all I came to hear what he had to say. I wasn’t really concerned with the view. The spotlight flicked on to the stage, and there in the white light was a young man, casually dressed, wearing a headset and microphone. That’s not the guy from TV? I guess it’s an opening act, probably going to announce our mentor, the world’s most persuasive man. The young man begins to introduce himself stating that he “sat in those very seats” some time ago, and this is how the Power of Persuasion has changed his life. With each example my interest became stronger, I was alight with an extraordinary energy, my anticipation of the secret had my heart pounding, and here it comes. Wait….what? I have to buy the course? I cannot say that the seminar was unfair or even that I was mislead. I was certainly persuaded, first to spend the fee, then to attend, and finally to stop watching TV at 3AM. I guess there really is a power of persuasion.


The Power of Persuading your Mind

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What you can accomplish in your thought process of persuading your mind in a positive manner is magical. It is so important to think of first thing in the morning how your day is going to be. I have a story from the past I have thought about recently and am trying to live by it. If you persuade your mind to be happy, and focus on the good things in life, you will get more out of life, in your heart than focusing on all the things that go wrong. When I get old I want to follow the footsteps of a mentor I have in this older women I grew up with that has shaped me into the person I am today. How she has persuaded, and looked at life in such a fashion, who dressed each morning, make up and a smile on her face. I will never forget her jolly laugh every day, as I watched her , cook, and make a beautiful garden. Yet had to face a man that was not so nice to her as he was brought up with Old traditions that the man was the head of the house, and she had no decision making. When he was in his Machismo, yelling “Get me this or get me that” I would walk around the corner, and she would put her finger over her mouth with a Shhhh and a quiet chuckle. She was a women that could handle pressure for the time period we lived in. She didn’t need to make it worse, as the man she had married she was fully aware of who he was, and who she had married. She realized after a while his bark was worse than his bite. He never ever raised a hand, but for those days, it was I was the boss kind of thing.. She was the kind of Lady that was happy even though she didn’t know what was in store for the day. She persuaded herself to love the day, be happy in it as a child sees and ice cream!! She taught me happiness is something you decide ahead of time. It is how you think of a situation, and arrange it, and persuade your mind how you want to feel. You need to decide you are going to love this day! It is a decision you make every morning when you wake. You have choice spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty you have with the parts of you that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is precious, and it is your own power of persuasion how you are going to make your life be. You have to think of the “I Am” what I want to be. Old age is like a bank account, you withdraw from what you’ve put in. So my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories. I still have a lot to deposit so I thank My Mamasita for all the wonderful memories she gave me.

Live Simple, Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries ( I work on) Give more & expect less.


Welcome to The Power of Persuasion

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Welcome to The Power of Persuasion, my new website on persuasion and the power it holds over us.