The power to persuade people to my way of thinking…..

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Like many people I was captivated by the idea of being able to persuade people to my way of thinking with ease. At least that is what the infomercial promised. I couldn’t wait to call and reserve my “invitation only seat” at the seminar with the world’s leader in the Power of Persuasion. I had never heard of him, but he was the world’s leading authority, and what did I know anyway. So without hesitation I called the operator, who was standing by, and gave her all of my information, the $69.99 fee for the seminar seemed a small price to pay to become more influential, and if I learned the lesson well, maybe I could persuade them to give it back! Done, I’m registered. I have to try to contain my excitement until Friday night, only a few days away. Thinking to myself, this is going to be awesome, I will be able to persuade people to agree with my views, invest in my ideas, I will learn to negotiate like a pro, get that promotion, and of course win the heart of my desire. This seminar will change my life, I will be able to use the power of persuasion to gain everything I ever dreamed of! Finally the day arrives. I dug out my best suit, a crisp white shirt and of course a power tie. I had gotten the car washed, my shoes were freshly polished, I looked like I could be running for office. In a few hours, I would be a force to be reckoned with. I arrived at the hotel early, found the conference room and waited in the lobby outside. The hallway was buzzing with activity, the air crackled with excitement, we were all going to hear the secret of the power of persuasion from the world’s leading expert. I quivered a bit due to the rush of adrenaline when the doors opened to admit the now swelling crowd. I followed the crowd in, and was ushered to a seat not quite halfway up. Not a great seat but I suppose it didn’t really matter after all I came to hear what he had to say. I wasn’t really concerned with the view. The spotlight flicked on to the stage, and there in the white light was a young man, casually dressed, wearing a headset and microphone. That’s not the guy from TV? I guess it’s an opening act, probably going to announce our mentor, the world’s most persuasive man. The young man begins to introduce himself stating that he “sat in those very seats” some time ago, and this is how the Power of Persuasion has changed his life. With each example my interest became stronger, I was alight with an extraordinary energy, my anticipation of the secret had my heart pounding, and here it comes. Wait….what? I have to buy the course? I cannot say that the seminar was unfair or even that I was mislead. I was certainly persuaded, first to spend the fee, then to attend, and finally to stop watching TV at 3AM. I guess there really is a power of persuasion.


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