The Fantasy of Persuasion

Posted on April 24, 2016 By

One day I was looking out the window and saw my potential to call out to the Universe in a dream state. So I went to my Dream machine that make dreams come true from my other existence! On my other planet where I live occasionally , all you would have to do is persuade the Master Genie of the Universe, to give you anything you wanted or hoped for. It was a free wishing magical universal machine. All you had to do was say the Magic Words, “With the power of persuasion, I whimsically can wish anything I want 1-2-3” Then raise your voice to the rooftops and state your wish, your dreams and wants, and Puff! They are there!! Your wish is the Vibrations, Persuading Genie’s command of the Universe to make it happen!! (Of course my first wish as they are unlimited wishes, and can be undone at anytime) was to become immortal! Which I am naturally, but wanted to make this world Planet Earth, understand this. I of course decided to get my friends and family anything thing they hoped, or could wish for, with of course, all the health. wealth , & happiness any human of this earth could have. I Wished and persuaded the Genie, to make peace on earth, that everyone would get along so there would be no more death from wars, and no such thing as hate anymore. I Wished that all away.
Everyone could walk the earth where ever they wanted to, everyone lived in peace with each other. No one better than anyone else. Competition was for fun, and to challenge yourself, not to be used so the underdog looses out all the time. I wished for the weak to become strong, Mentally healthy, and have beautiful confident self esteem about them.. That they could hold their head high for the first time, almost a new freedom that had been so well deserved. I also asked the Genie to persuade the universe to bend time and space so there was none, just happiness, fun excitement, and no such thing as boredom. Live, healthy and anything you eat equals healthy. Even Ice Cream and Potato Chips!!… There is nothing you could ever eat on planet earth that is not healthy, and no weight gain. Eat anything and maintain your normal weight. Persuading the universe that we do not need any more Money!! No one needs it. People are excited to go out to work and do what needs to be done to live off of the planet. What you give to it comes back to you full circle. Life is plentiful, nothing but fun , laughter and true happiness, everything stays pristine, and clean. Your mind is heightened, there is no such thing as worry anymore. People are out to help you, not hurt you… Live, love, grow, and flourish are the common words around town, along with Laughter, joy, and some good ole dam fun! Your mind has instant motivation, your senses are heightened, you feel more alert, alive smart, vibrant… rejuvenated, and always persuaded by your own mind to do the right thing as always, and this is one portion of true happiness. Everyone persuades their own happiness.



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